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01 Survey

Our team of professionals travel throughout the country using industry specific technology to capture measurements, locations and photos of telecommunication equipment.

02 Design

Utilizing industry leading software, we are able to provide quality designs that always meet our clients’ expectations.

03 Build

Whatever metrics need to be met, our team of telecommunications specialists can bring the design from the paper to life in the real world.

About Luck Grove

We are a rapidly expanding company that offers surveying, design, and construction services on a national scale to the telecommunication industry. We utilize cutting edge technologies and top-of-the-line program management software to deliver our clients the highest quality of services. Through our innovative view of the telecommunication industry, we have been able to provide solutions to problems with greater effectiveness and efficiency than ever before.

What We Do

We are an all-encompassing telecommunication design and construction company. We specialize in everything from OSP fiber design to the installation of EV charging stations.

Field Survey

The first step in our roadmap of services is to gather vital data from across the country. We do this by sending teams of Field Surveyors to the municipalities our clients are intending to service to take geotagged photos of telecommunication equipment using industry specific technology. We survey the equipment per the exact requirements set forth by our customer, which provides the necessary information for our back-office employees to do their work.

Network Design

With the data provided by our team of Field Surveyors, our Designers will create the intricate and detailed plans that map the fiber optics layouts from service providers to the end consumer. Our Designers communicate directly with our clients to ensure all the specifications for their requested jobs are exactly to the standards that need to be met.

NESC Compliance

Our Compliance team is responsible for ensuring that each individual telephone pole falls within the guidelines of the National Electric Safety Code and state telecommunication regulations. Using our detailed database of state regulations, our team will identify each cable type on each pole surveyed. To complete the process our Senior Compliance Specialists will recommend the necessary adjustments to our clients to allow additional service providers to attach to the pole while remaining within standards.

Computer Aided Drafting

Using AutoCAD and other similar proprietary software, our team of Drafters put the intricate and detailed plans created by our Designers into existence. The Drafting team will divide the job into individual pieces to present the data in a digestible way for the Construction team to go into the world and build the fiber optic designs.


The final step in our process of telecommunication services is to go out into the world and build the designs. Whether our Construction team is laying fiber optic cable, installing telephone poles, servicing cell towers, or building EV charging stations, the are operating at the highest standards and always with the clients’ needs in mind.

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Careers @ Luck Grove

Luck Grove is a rapidly expanding company that is constantly bringing on new talent from a wide range of backgrounds. We have openings in the follow areas:

  • Data Entry Specialist
  • AutoCAD Drafter
  • Field Surveyor

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